AsianMelodies 2020 Review

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Why Asian Girls Want to Meet Western Men in the First Place?

Asian women are starving for western men, the effect has been particularly noticeable in 2020. We’re all driven by the same desires of meeting someone new and the person we’re going to be mesmerized about. But we’re here to talk about the ethnicity that sees dating a western man as something trending for their culture.

Girls from Asian countries are hard-to-catch birds. They test you out online. You have to impress her before inviting on a date, she must trust your romantic intentions. But man, it’s totally worth your time. Their milky color of skin and curved bodies have made tons of western guys go crazy.

So, why Asian girls think that dating is so important for future relationships?

  • Asian women love their gadgets, this is how you date her in the beginning. Most social interactions and chatting with their crush happens in the pocket, so this is where you knock into their heart
  • They’re brought up to choose guys carefully. Asian girls are usually shy and show up themselves a bit later
  • They want to know you better. Love isn’t an empty word for them. They value the tradition of meeting a man for things to come in their life

AsianMelodies: Where Are Those Asian Girls From?

AsianMelodies is the dating website that has one feature that makes it stand out from others. It hosts only real Asian girls who live in Asia in 2020. Yes, you heard it right. They all know English or are supported by translators, otherwise they wouldn’t be open to a western guys like you.

The top nations for dating on AsianMelodies according to 2020 rating:

  • Thai women
  • Ladies from Laos
  • Chinese cuties
  • Japanese kawaii
  • Indonesian girls
  • Vietnamese exotic girls
  • Island women from Philippines

Self-Isolation and Online Dating. Date from Home

Self-isolation created the new dating niche. It’s about people who date digitally 100% of time. AsianMelodies is a perfect chance to try this kind of virtual experience. Since Asian girls do not want things to be in a rush, meeting a girl online isn’t a waste of time, this is the trend you want to be a part of.


The benefits of dating online with Asian girls from your home:

  • You’re dating from home! Grab your favorite cup, make some coffee, chat online, then do a webcam talk. Digital opportunities save your time but communication with Asian girls is still the same
  • You can know each other better by chatting all the time. The goal of a real meeting doesn’t distort your emotional connection. You talk to each other like you would on the actual date
  • Asian girls are relaxed when communicating online. She will show her emotions without shyness. This is what you expect from her, her true self